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  • Company and Labor Card Number
  • Visa Copy or Change Status Copy
  • Contract Copy
  • Original Passport + Valid Visa
  • Emirates ID for E-Sign Cards

Our Services

  • Typing New Job Offer Letter
  • Pre-Approval for Work Permit Payment Fees
  • New Electronic Work Permit
  • Submit New Electronic Work Permit and Mission Electronic Work Application
  • Renew Electronic Work  Permit
  • Submit Renew Labor Card / Work Permit Application
  • Electronic Work Permit/Pre-Approval for Work Permit Fines
  • Updates Establishment Information
  • Company Fines
  • Add Electronic PRO
  • New E-Sign Card for Owners
  • New E-Sign Card for PRO
  • Activate new eSign card for Owner/PRO
  • Replace Old eSign Card with New
  • Print request for new eSign Card
  • Guide and Raise Awareness to Employers and Employees​
  • Provide Labor Permits and Contracts Handover Services
  • Provide Labor Certificates Issuance Services
  • Distribute and deliver Awareness leaflets to Employees and Employers
Quality Guidance Center